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美捷登 竭诚为您提供生物医学领域最新研究进展 :
  • 尿液中双酚A浓度与儿童和青少年肥胖显著有关
    Association Between Urinary Bisphenol A Concentration and Obesity Prevalence in Children and and Adolescents
    JAMA   PubMed (19 Sep 2012)
  • XMRV和pMLV感染不是引起慢性疲劳综合征的原因:一项多中心临床试验
    A Multicenter Blinded Analysis Indicates No Association between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and either Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-Related Virus or Polytropic Murine Leukemia Virus
    MBio   PubMed (18 Sep 2012)
  • 心梗后持续服用NSAID超过5年会增加心血管疾病风险
    Long-Term Cardiovascular Risk of NSAID Use According to Time Passed After First-Time Myocardial Infarction: A Nationwide Cohort Study
    Circulation   PubMed (10 Sep 2012)
  • 神经干细胞在严重性脊髓损伤位点上可再生神经元轴突
    Long-Distance Growth and Connectivity of Neural Stem Cells after Severe Spinal Cord Injury
    Cell   PubMed (14 Sep 2012)
  • 人类胚胎干细胞移植耳聋沙鼠后可恢复其听力
    Restoration of Auditory Evoked Responses by Human ES-cell-derived Otic Progenitors
    Nature   PubMed (12 Sep 2012)
  • 新药物作用大脑多巴胺受体可抑制尼古丁上瘾
    Occupancy of Brain Dopamine D3 Receptors and Drug Craving: A Translational Approach
    Neuropsychopharmacology   PubMed (12 Sep 2012)
  • 登革热疫苗临床2期试验效果并不乐观
    Protective Efficacy of the Recombinant, Live-attenuated, CYD Tetravalent Dengue vaccine in Thai Schoolchildren: a Randomised, Controlled Phase 2b Trial
    Lancet   PubMed (10 Sep 2012)
  • 综述:欧洲采用乳房摄影过度筛查乳腺癌——利大于弊
    Overdiagnosis in Mammographic Screening for Breast Cancer in Europe: a Literature Review
    J Med Screen   PubMed (12 Sep 2012)
  • 儿童接种五次非细胞百日咳疫苗后的保护效力在五年内逐渐减弱
    Waning Protection after Fifth Dose of Acellular Pertussis Vaccine in Children
    New Engl J Med   PubMed (13 Sep 2012)
  • 研究发现:广泛使用长效杀蚊网对抗疟疾后,蚊子的叮咬习惯发生改变
    Changes in Anopheles Funestus Biting Behavior Following Universal Coverage of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets in Benin
    J Infect Dis   PubMed (21 Sep 2012)
  • 英国学者首次发现抗抑郁药物治疗反应的生物标志物
    Candidate Genes Expression Profile Associated with Antidepressants Response in the GENDEP Study: Differentiating between Baseline ‘Predictors’ and Longitudinal ‘Targets’
    Neuropsychopharmacology   PubMed (19 Sep 2012)
  • 乳腺癌遗传分析研究表明目前有四种不同类型的乳腺癌
    Comprehensive Molecular Portraits of Human Breast Tumours
    Nature   PubMed (4 Oct 2012)
  • 台湾科研人员找到抑制丙型肝炎的有效途径
    Attenuation of 40S Ribosomal Subunit Abundance Differentially Affects Host and HCV Translation and Suppresses HCV Replication
    PLoS Pathog   PubMed (June 2012)
  • 2型糖尿病人群筛查未能降低10年死亡率
    Screening for Type 2 Diabetes and Population Mortality over 10 years (ADDITION-Cambridge): a Cluster-randomised Controlled Trial
    Lancet   PubMed (3 Oct 2012)
  • 09年H1N1流感大流行时,同时免疫肺炎球菌和季节性流感疫苗能有效降低养老院里老年人的死亡率
    Prevention of Mortality and Pneumonia Among Nursing Home Older Adults by Dual Pneumococcal and Seasonal Influenza Vaccination During a Pandemic Caused by Novel Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1)
    J Am Med Dir Assoc   PubMed (Oct 2012)
  • 术前静脉注射促红细胞生成素和铁可改善贫血病人心脏瓣膜置换术后的预后效果
    Effects of Preoperative Intravenous Erythropoietin plus Iron on Outcome in Anemic Patients After Cardiac Valve Replacement
    Am J Cardiol   PubMed (1 Oct 2012)
  • 传统的微生物培养和PCR诊断真菌性角膜炎的前瞻性对比研究
    Prospective Comparison between COnventional Microbial Work-up vs PCR in the diagnosis of fungal Keratitis
    Eye   PubMed (Oct 2012)
  • 克罗恩氏病病人的粘膜T细胞中的热休克蛋白90和凋亡抑制蛋白相互作用来提高凋亡抑制蛋白的水平
    Increased Levels of Survivin, via Association With Heat Shock Protein 90, in Mucosal T Cells From Patients With Crohn's Disease
    Gastroenterology   PubMed (Oct 2012)
  • 咖啡可改善患者结肠术后的肠功能
    Randomized Clinical Trial on the Effect of Coffee on Postoperative Ileus following Elective Colectomy
    Br J Surg   PubMed (Nov 2012)
  • 绿脓杆菌群体感应系统调节子依赖于菌株的多样性
    Strain-dependent Diversity in the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Quorum-sensing Regulon
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A   PubMed (9 Oct 2012)
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