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Heart Muscle Cell Grafts Suppress Arrhythmias After Heart Attacks in Animal Study

美捷登 竭诚为您提供生物医学领域最新研究进展 :
  • 纳米“霰弹枪”可消除血栓
    Shear-Activated Nanotherapeutics for Drug Targeting to Obstructed Blood Vessels
    Science   PubMed (5 Jul 2012)
  • 高密度脂蛋白水平升高并不能降低心血管病风险
    Plasma HDL Cholesterol and Risk of Myocardial Infarction: a Mendelian Randomisation Study
    Lancet   PubMed (11 Aug 2012)
  • 同时使用识别CD4结合位点和识别HIV的包膜蛋白的新的构型表位的两种抗体具有广谱中和HIV作用
    Broad Neutralization by a Combination of Antibodies Recognizing the CD4 Binding site and a New Conformational Epitope on the HIV-1 Envelope Protein
    J Exp Med  PubMed (30 Jul 2012)
  • Tofacitinib单一治疗可以减轻风湿性关节炎的症状
    Placebo-Controlled Trial of Tofacitinib Monotherapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis
    New Engl J Med  PubMed (9 Aug 2012)
  • 患者特异性的多能干细胞可用于筛选治疗肌萎缩性侧束硬化症的药物
    Drug Screening for ALS Using Patient-Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
    Sci Transl Med  PubMed (1 Aug 2012)
  • 胞磷胆碱治疗急性缺血性中风:一项国际,随机,多中心,安慰剂对照研究
    Citicoline in the Treatment of Acute Ischaemic Stroke: an International, Randomised, Multicentre, Placebo-controlled Study (ICTUS trial)
    Lancet  PubMed (28 Jul 2012)
  • "心外膜脂肪组织的厚度可用于预测无症状患者发生冠状动脉疾病的风险 "
    Epicardial Adipose Tissue as a Predictor of Coronary Artery Disease in Asymptomatic Subjects
    Am J Cardiol  PubMed (15 Aug 2012)
  • 新型淋巴细胞功能相关抗原-1的拮抗剂SAR 1118的临床一期安全性,耐受性和生物利用度研究
    Safety, Tolerability, and Bioavailability of Topical SAR 1118, a Novel Antagonist of Lymphocyte Function-associated Antigen-1: a Phase 1b Study
    Eye  PubMed (Jul 2012)
  • 胶质母细胞瘤治疗的新靶点
    A Restricted Cell Population Propagates Glioblastoma Growth after Chemotherapy
    Am J Cardiol   PubMed (1 Aug 2012)
  • 对急性丙肝患者应该进行立即与延迟治疗?
    Immediate vs. Delayed Treatment in Patients with Acute Hepatitis C based on IL28B Polymorphism: A Model-based Analysis
    Nature  PubMed (Aug 2012)
  • 血清学及病原学调查揭示成年人需要新的预防措施来对抗乙肝病毒感染
    Increased Seroprevalence of HBV DNA With Mutations in the S Gene Among Individuals Greater Than 18 Years Old After Complete Vaccination
    Gastroenterology   PubMed (Aug 2012)
  • 游离睾酮可作为晚期前列腺癌患者的独立预测因子
    Circulating Free Testosterone is an Independent Predictor of Advanced Disease in Patients with Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer
    World J Urol  PubMed (5 Jul 2012)
  • 三阴性乳腺癌与乳房肿瘤切除术后残留浸润性癌变呈正相关
    Triple Negative Breast Cancer is Associated with an Increased Risk of Residual Invasive Carcinoma after Lumpectomy
    Cancer  PubMed (15 Aug 2012)
  • 间充质干细胞可用作脑疾病的治疗药物和基因传递载体
    Mesenchymal Stem Cells as Therapeutic Agents and Potential Targeted Gene Delivery Vehicle for Brain Diseases
    J Control Release  PubMed (2 Aug 2012)
  • 房颤患者的中风与血管疾病的因子相关性研究:一项国家范围内的队列研究
    Vascular Disease and Stroke Risk in Atrial Fibrillation: A Nationwide Cohort Study
    Am J Med  PubMed (Aug 2012)
  • 利用小鼠慢性乙肝模型研究表明: 抗血小板治疗能预防肝癌并提高生存率
    Antiplatelet Therapy Prevents Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Improves Survival in a Mouse Model of Chronic Hepatitis B
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A  PubMed (7 Aug 2012)
  • 西他列汀降低二型糖尿患者血糖机制研究
    Mechanisms for the Antihyperglycemic Effect of Sitagliptin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab  PubMed (Aug 2012)
  • 粘膜疫苗的最新研究进展:潜力和局限性
    Recent Progress in Mucosal Vaccine Development: Potential and Limitations
    Nat Rev Endocrinol.   PubMed (25 Jul 2012)
  • 纳米技术有望用于临床病人心血管修复
    Instructive Nanofiber Scaffolds with VEGF Create a Microenvironment for Arteriogenesis and Cardiac Repair
    Sci Transl Med  PubMed (8 Aug 2012)
  • 显性遗传阿茨海默症的临床及生物标志物的改变
    Clinical and Biomarker Changes in Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer's Disease
    New Engl J Med  PubMed (11 Jul 2012)
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