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Stem Cells Found to Heal Damaged Artery in Lab Study in Baboons

美捷登 竭诚为您提供生物医学领域最新研究进展 :
  • 使用阿司匹林和非甾体类抗炎药不会增加息肉切除后出血的风险
    Bleeding Risk after Invasive Procedures in Aspirin/NSAID Users: Polypectomy Study in Veterans
    Am J Med   PubMed (Dec 2012)
  • 相比白天和工作时间的血压,夜间血压对心血管和肾脏并发症更具有诊断价值
    The Effect of Achieving a Systolic Blood Pressure of 140mmHg. A Prospective Study of Ambulatory Measurements inType 2 Diabetic Patients with Nephropathy
    J Diabetes Complications   PubMed (Nov 2012)
  • 马兜铃属中药防己可增加膀胱尿路上皮癌的发生率
    Occupational Exposure to Herbs Containing Aristolochic Acids Increases the Risk of Urothelial Carcinoma in Chinese Herbalists
    J Urol   PubMed (Jan 2013)
  • 人乳头状瘤病毒感染尤其是HPV-16感染,可显著增加患咽喉癌风险:系统回顾和荟萃分析
    Human Papillomavirus Infection and Laryngeal Cancer Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    J Infect Dis   PubMed (21 Dec 2012)
  • 一种治疗慢性高钠血症的方法
    A Clinical Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Hypernatremia
    Am J Kidney Dis   PubMed (Dec 2012)
  • 磁共振成像检查对安置心脏设备的患者没有影响
    Determining the Risks of Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 1.5 Tesla for Patients With Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
    Am J Cardiol   PubMed (1 Dec 2012)
  • 对来自于脊髓性肌萎缩病人的诱导性多能干细胞进行基因矫正,使其分化为成运动神经元,并用于临床治疗
    Genetic Correction of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
    Sci Transl Med   PubMed (19 Dec 2012)
  • 系统回顾和荟萃分析研究表明:超重与较低死亡率风险有关联
    Association of All-cause Mortality with Overweight and Obesity using Standard Body Mass Index Categories: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
    JAMA   PubMed (2 Jan 2013)
  • 在严重脑外伤治疗中颅内压监护并无明显作用
    A Trial of Intracranial-Pressure Monitoring in Traumatic Brain Injury
    N Engl J Med   PubMed (27 Dec 2012)
  • 卒中前常见单独的短暂性脑干症状
    Transient Isolated Brainstem Symptoms Preceding Posterior Circulation Stroke: a Population-based Study
    Lancet Neurol   PubMed (Jan 2013)
  • 艾滋病毒感染的新机制:病毒包膜糖蛋白聚集
    Maturation-Dependent HIV-1 Surface Protein Redistribution Revealed by Fluorescence Nanoscopy
    Science   PubMed (26 Oct 2012)
  • 进食时间不当才是导致肥胖的真正原因
    Obesity in Mice with Adipocyte-specific Deletion of Clock Component Arntl
    Nat Med   PubMed (6 Dec 2012)
  • 新型治疗性艾滋病疫苗能有效诱导T细胞反应来抑制HIV复制
    A Dendritic Cell–Based Vaccine Elicits T Cell Responses Associated with Control of HIV-1 Replication
    Sci Transl Med   PubMed (2 Jan 2013)
  • 内皮细胞糖皮质激素受体在对抗败血症中发挥关键作用
    Endothelial Glucocorticoid Receptor is Required for Protection Against Sepsis
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A   PubMed (2 Jan 2013)
  • 上海小儿细菌性角膜炎流行病学研究:病原学,抗生素的易感性及对视力影响
    Paediatric Bacterial Keratitis Cases in Shanghai: Microbiological Profile, Antibiotic Susceptibility and Visual Outcomes
    Eye   PubMed (Dec 2012)
  • 从风疹病毒E1蛋白的晶体结构来解析该病毒功能和进化
    Functional and Evolutionary Insight from the Crystal Structure of Rubella Virus Protein E1
    Nature   PubMed (1 June 2013)
  • 全基因组测序发现基因胚系突变与自闭症风险有关联
    Whole-Genome Sequencing in Autism Identifies Hot Spots for De Novo Germline Mutation
    Cell   PubMed (21 Dec 2012)
  • 术前中性粒细胞/淋巴细胞比值可预测肝移植术后肝癌复发的情况
    Neutrophil–lymphocyte Ratio Reflects Hepatocellular Carcinoma Recurrence after Liver Transplantation via Inflammatory Microenvironment
    J Hepatol   PubMed (Jan 2013)
  • 难治性高血压的鉴定及流行病学研究进展
    Resistant Hypertension—its Identification and Epidemiology
    Nat Rev Nephrol   PubMed (13 Nov 2012)
  • 功能基因组学研究发现I型干扰素通路是宿主对抗白色念珠菌的主要机制
    Functional Genomics Identifies Type I Interferon Pathway as Central for Host Defense against Candida Albicans
    Nat Commun   PubMed (1 Aug 2013)
近期美捷登生物医学最新研究进展 :

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