Some of the manuscripts accepted during January 2018 and March 2018

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Some of the papers through the service of Medjaden recently accepted by journals are listed as follows. We would like to congratulate the authors of all the papers below.


For all papers edited, proofread, and instructed by Medjaden (including papers that are being serviced, being submitted or rejected), if you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Continuous services can be provided until your manuscript is published.


Number Journal IF Paper Handler Editor
MJD1702246 Journal of vascular surgery 3.536 Olivia Dr. Xu, Ms. Abraham
MJD1608167 Anesthesia & Analgesia 4.014 Olivia Dr. Li,Ms. Abraham
MJD1701164 Oncotarget 5.168 Olivia Ms. Reynell
MJD1703199 MJD1703199 8.843 Olivia WSR
MJD1606205 European Radiology 3.967 Olivia Dr. Sijens,Ms. Reynell
MJD1711121 Frontiers in Immunology 6.429 Olivia WSR
MJD1610277 Kidney International 8.395 Olivia WSR
MJD1605044 Regional anesthesia and pain medicine 3.515 Candy Dr.Yang,MJ editor
MJD1611346 Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 4.521 Rita, Alisa Dr. Fang, Dr Weber
MJD1612003 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Alisa Dr. Li
MJD1601218 Cytokine 3.488 Ariel Dr. Cheng, Dr Weber
MJD1605017 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Ariel Ms.Wang, Dr.Reynell
MJD1612010 Mol Neurobiol 6.19 Snowy Dr. Yao, Dr. Karten
MJD1802184 Modern pathol 5.728 Tiffany MJ editor
MJD1709087 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Jessay Dr.Kondejewski
MJD1609246 J AM HEART ASSOC 4.863 Ariel Prof.Tian
MJD1703230 TISSUE ENG 3.485 Ariel Dr.Li
MJD1705201 GASTRIC CANCER 5.454 Ariel Dr. Nambiar, Dr. Edwardes
MJD1611110 Cell Physiol Biochem 5.104 Ariel Dr. Xin, Dr. Weber
MJD1610263 World J Gastroenterol 3.365 Ariel Dr. Brissot, Dr. Smolock
MJD1703040 Scientific Reports 4.259 Ariel Dr. Sharma,Dr.Hackett
MJD1607072 Scientific Reports 4.259 Ariel Dr. Weber
MJD1609218 Scientific Reports 4.259 Ariel Ms.Hang, MJ editor
MJD1611083 Frontiers in Microbiology 4.076 Ariel MJ editor
MJD1710217 CANCER MANAG RES 3.851 Sally Dr.Xu
MJD1710124 Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 3.432 Sue WSR
MJD1705004 Cancer manag res 3.851 Marie Dr. Hou, Dr. Xia
MJD1711066 Gut 16.658 Marie Dr. Weber
MJD1706110 Cancer med-us 3.362 Marie Dr. Wang, Dr. Smolock