Some of the manuscripts accepted during October 2017 and December 2017

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Some of the papers through the service of Medjaden recently accepted by journals are listed as follows. We would like to congratulate the authors of all the papers below.


For all papers edited, proofread, and instructed by Medjaden (including papers that are being serviced, being submitted or rejected), if you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Continuous services can be provided until your manuscript is published.


Number Journal IF Paper Handler Editor
MJD1702024 CELL DEATH DIS 5.965 Alisa Ms. Wang,Dr. Hackett
MJD1707152 JAMA PSYCHIATRY 15.307 Sue Dr. Xin, Dr. Hansen
MJD1606027 ONCOGENE 7.519 Sally Prof. Tian
MJD1707113 BIOMATERIALS 8.402 Gaby Dr. Weber
MJ10918b DIABETES OBES METAB 6.715 Snowy Dr. Bao, Dr. Weber
MJD1703292 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Snowy Dr. Wang, Dr. Weber
MJD1707151 ONCOTARGET 5.168 Sue Dr. Xin, Dr. Hansen
MJD1610126 CEREB CORTEX. 6.559 Gaby Dr. Yang, Dr. Bilasy
MJD1605273 ONCOTARGET 5.168 Kristen Dr. Coward
MJD1607085 ONCOTARGET 5.168 Tiffany,Candy Dr. Wu, Dr. Edwardes
MJD1708131 BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION 3.706 Tiffany MJ editor
MJD1607181 MOLECULAR MEDICINE 3.457 Gaby Dr. Weber, Dr. Fang
MJD1705086 FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 3.552 Sally Dr. Xiao, Dr. Nash
MJD1707103 ANN THORAC SURG 3.7 Kristen Dr. Xin
MJD1708042 CELL DEATH DIS 5.965 Kristen Dr. Xu
MJD1705032 WORLD J GASTROENTERO 3.365 Tiffany Dr. Wang
MJD1705106 WORLD J GASTROENTERO 3.365 Tiffany MJ editor
MJD1506011 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Tiffany Dr. Yang. Dr. Smolock
MJD1608046 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Alisa Dr. Shi
MJD1612292 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Alisa Dr. Sharma, Dr. Hackett
MJD1608278 ONCOTARGET 5.168 Candy Dr. Liu , Ms. Kurtkoti, Dr. Hardy
MJD1601020 WORLD J GASTROENTERO 3.365 Sally MJ editor
MJD1703034 SURGICAL ENDOSCOPY 3.747 Gaby Dr. Nambiar, Dr. Reynell
MJD1702008 ONCOTARGET 5.168 Gaby Dr. Pollock, Dr. Xu
MJD1601038 J CONTROL RELEASE 7.786 Ariel Dr. Weber
MJD1701023 JOURNAL OF VIRAL HEPATITIS 4.122 Gaby Dr. Zhang, Dr. Gonzaga
MJD1604271 CANCER SCIENCE 3.974 Gaby Dr. Wu, Dr. Levick
MJD1512273 EUR RADIOL 3.967 Ariel Dr. Cumming
MJD1610195 THERANOSTICS. 8.712 Gaby Dr. Weber, Dr. Bilasy
MJD1704189 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 4.259 Gaby Dr. Ma, Dr.Ahmed
MJD1512258 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 4.259 Ariel Dr. Xiao, Dr. Ahmed
MJD1610243 METABOLOMICS 3.661 Gaby MJ editor
MJD1511113 ONCOGENESIS 5.021 Gaby MJ editor
MJD1702184 AM J CANCER RES 3.425 Gaby MJ editor
MJD1702046 OXID MED CELL LONGEV 4.593 Ariel Dr. Peachey, Dr. Ahmed
MJD1603275 STEM CELL RESEARCH & THERAPY 4.211 Tiffany Dr.Yang, Dr.Kurtkoti
MJD1602045 CANCER LETTERS 6.375 Tiffany Dr.Xu, Dr.Ahmed
MJD1605238 MOLECULAR PAIN 3.533 Candy Prof. Fan, Dr. Nash
MJD1611140 SCI REP 4.259 Candy Dr.Laney, Dr. Weber
MJD1603290 FRONT PLANT SCI 4.298 Candy Dr.Liu , MJ editor
MJD1607244 SURG ENDOSC 3.54 Candy Dr. Yang, Dr. Xiao, Dr. Edwardes