Some of the manuscripts accepted during January 2017 and March 2017

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Some of the papers through the service of Medjaden recently accepted by journals are listed as follows. We would like to congratulate the authors of all the papers below.

For all papers edited, proofread, and instructed by Medjaden (including papers that are being serviced, being submitted or rejected), if you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Continuous services can be provided until your manuscript is published.

Paper Handler
MJD1606251 SCI REP-UK 5.228 Kristen & Marie Dr. Lu
MJD1601213 SCI REP-UK 5.228 Tess MJ editor
MJD1606139 APPL MICROBIOL BIOT 3.376 Tess MJ editor
MJD1605146 APPL MICROBIOL BIOT 3.376 Tess MJ editor
MJD1606231 APPL MICROBIOL BIOT 3.376 Tess MJ editor
MJD1604026 ONCOTARGET 5.008 Tess MJ editor
MJD1508255 SCI REP-UK 5.228 Ariel Prof. Zhang, Michael
MJD1509282 AM J CANCER RES 3.425 Ariel Dr. Shen
MJD1507412 ONCOTARGET 5.008 Sherry Dr. Shen, Dr. Hackett
MJD1509030 INT J CARDIOL 4.638 Sherry Dr. Wang, Dr. Weber
MJD1504130 J CELL MOL MED 4.499 Sherry Dr. Xu, Ms. Abraham
MJD1609018 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Nathalie Dr. Wang, Ms. Abraham
MJD1509177 CLIN GENET 3.326 Sivona Dr. Wang,MJ editor
MJD1605005 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Ariel Dr. Smolock,Dr. Nash
MJD1511133 BIOMATERIALS 8.402 White Dr. Weber
MJD1610198 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Sally Ms. Abraham
MJD1607304 CELL DEATH DIS 5.965 Sherry MJ editor
MJD1604119 BRIT J PSYCHIAT 6.347 Tiny Dr. Bao
MJD1606296 OXID MED CELL LONGEV 4.593 Ariel Dr. Krishkov,Dr. Hackett
MJD1606286 J AFFECT DISORDERS 3.432 Tiny MJ editor
MJD1606223 RESP RES 3.841 Tiffany Dr. Sheikh
MJD1606046 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Sherry Dr. Wang,Dr. Hardy
MJD1607146 NEPHROL DIAL TRANSPL 4.47 Sherry Dr. Chao,Mr. Edwardes
MJD1608259 CNS DRUGS 4.394 Sally Dr. Xin, Dr. Hardy
MJD1606321 INT J CANCER 6.513 Sally Prof. Tian
MJD1605041 SCI REP-UK 4.259 Sherry Dr. Cubero,Dr. Butvill
MJD1608036 ONCOTARGET 5.168 Rita Prof. Yang
MJD1612151 INT J RADIAT ONCOL 5.133 Tiffany MJ editor
MJD1609148 SURG ENDOSC 3.747 Vera Dr. Take, MJ editor
MJD1608179 HEPATOLOGY 13.246 Vera Dr. Zhang, Dr. Ouyang