2018-2019 Medjaden Young Scientist Research Grant Review Announcement

Since our inception in 2005, we, Medjaden Bioscience Limited, have always been committed to helping scholars from non-native English-speaking countries, especially from China, showcase their latest research work in the international journals and bridge the communication gap between them and their international peers.

To encourage and support graduate students and young scientists in China to better design and implement their basic and clinical research projects, we have created the "Medjaden Young Scientist Research Grant" as part of our effort to further fulfill our commitment and our social responsibilities. We sincerely hope that this research grant will help young Chinese scientists to realize their research ideas, enhance their research ability, gain experience in research, and prepare for the application of grants at higher levels. We also hope that a growing number of Chinese young scientists will have their research results appear in international journals.

2018 marks the eighth year of the Medjaden Young Scientist Research Grant. As a seed grant designed to encourage and support young scientists, the Medjaden Young Scientist Research Grant has received wide recognition and support from young scientists. We will continue to do whatever we can to help them.

As of December 10, 2018, Medjaden’s academic department received 17 formal applications for the grant. Our grant management committee is now conducting an initial review. Research proposals that pass the initial review will be sent for final review, conducted by at least two experts in the subject of the paper. The final results are expected to be released in March 2019.

In addition, two other grants supported by Medjaden, the Academic Conference Grant, and the Manuscript Publication Grant, remain open for application (open until grant funding runs out). You are welcome to apply and recommend these to your friends and colleagues.
For more information, please visit the Medjaden official website, or send an email to

For more information, please visit the Medjaden official website, or send an email to